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Solar Panels

Sustainable Production

It is important for businesses to recognise their responsibility to the environment and take actions to protect it. At Knp we have taken time to look at the bigger global picture and to put into place several green initiatives.


We have been making changes to our Bury St Edmunds and Paddock Wood production site’s to ensure they are as efficient as possible, including installing 400 solar panels to our south facing roof, which provide enough sustainable energy to power the entire building. To ensure none of this energy sourced is wasted the throughout the factory and the office all the lights are LED operated.


Knp only uses vegetable based printing inks and has reduced its (IPA) alcohol usage on press to 3%, whereas printers typically use 12%. This removes the use of harsh chemicals in the process. We are currently in the process of testing IPA free on our printing presses throughout the company.


We made recycling part of the everyday life of office and the factory. The office is fitted with several recycling stations for paper, plastic and aluminium to ensure we reduce the footprint created by our employees and the office. In our factory we take the same stance on recycling where ever we can. All the metal plates which are created for the litho presses are entirely recycled along with any after products of the printing process. The waste paper is recycled through a company that produces packaging, thus greatly reducing the requirement for chemical usage in the recycling process.

Our goal is to be a "sustainable printer", meaning our company is carefully planning operations to minimise electricity use, put a lighter drain on natural resources and source paper only from companies certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which is virtually synonymous with well-managed forests that adhere to strict environmental standards. It also means recycling and reusing paper and other supplies whenever possible. Knp are also part of the Woodland Carbon Scheme. This scheme saw us taking part in a campaign of planting over five thousand trees in 2016 and we are looking forward to extending this amount in years to come. www.woodlandcarbon.co.uk


We share Suffolk County Council’s commitment to make our county the greenest county in the UK.


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